Tools & instrument:  
Testing Instruments:
Insulation Tester (Megger) –5 KV
Insulation Tester (Megger) –0.5 / 1 KV
Digital Earth Tester
DC Voltmeter
Tong Tester
Phase Sequence Meter
Transformer Oil Testing Set
Current Transformer “Current Injection Set”
Compressor Machine – Die size( AAAC Panther, ACSR, MOOSE, Zebra Conductor)
Crimping Machine up to 400 Sq mm
Drill Machine
Grinding Machine
Panel Cutting Different Equipment
Tube Bending Machine
Welding Machine
Other Equipment:
Special Type Folding Derrick
Chain Pulley Block
Different Type Pulley & Steel Rope, Manila Rope for Erection & Stinging Purpose
For Transformer Oil Filtration:
250 GPM Stream Line Filter Machine.
(J. F. Make) with accessories
For Civil Construction Work:
Digital Dumpy Level Machine
Concrete Mixture Machine
Vibrator Machine